Gymnema Extract Stopped My Sugar Cravings

Gymnema Extract Stopped My Sugar Cravings

Gymnema extract is incredible. It has done something pretty amazing for me.

In addition to the fact that it is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to support blood sugar regulation (they call it Sugar Destroyer), it does something else very interesting.

Allow me to elaborate.

<----- Ben & Jerry invading my kitchen and ruining my life.

I've always had a sweet tooth. Which, when you are health conscious, is a total pain. It's a total misalignment with the lifestyle I want to live and what I want in my body. And its a dirty little secret in my mind when someone says "wow you eat so healthy, that's so great."

I hate always having to correct people by saying, "Actually, when no one is looking I inhale ice cream by the pint. It makes cardio the next day oh so much fun and does wonders for my self-esteem."

But I just couldn't/wouldn't put down the Ben and Jerry's. Couldn't....wouldn''s all the same to me in those kinds of situations. Some people would's chemical, or a nutrient deficiency...others would's emotional....and someone's a past life thing.

I am inclined to lean towards a nutrient imbalance. But whatever it is, its just a big pain.

So one day Kita says, "Why don't you try Gymnema?"

And I'm like, "What's that?"

She smiles, saunters over the the tincture shelf, and hands me a little bottle of Gymnema extract.

She had me put a dropper full in my mouth and told me to hold it while she went and got something else. She comes back with some honey and tells me to take a taste. So of course I do, because honey is delicious. Right?


Not this time it wasn't.

It tasted like sweaty wax.

Between laughing at the confused look on my face, she filled me in that Gymnema blocks sugar. Clearly this was true because I couldn't taste the sugar in the honey, rendering it to its other constituents. Which apparently are bee wax and bee sweat.

(By the way, we don't haze customers like this. Only web-nerds like me.)

She asked me how I thought Ben and Jerry's would taste after a shot of Gymnema. I told her I didn't want to find out.

*Side Note - The effects of Gymnema on the sense of taste only lasts 15-20 minutes. It's an experience I HIGHLY recommend so you can see for yourself how dominant of a force sugar really is in your food.

Kita explained that the benefits of Gymnema go beyond just the sense of taste. Because really, who is going to knowingly ruin a box of cookies and milk by putting something in their mouth that they know will kill the experience?

It can do a lot more than just block the taste of sugar. She told me that it might actually kill my cravings for sugar, period! This I could not believe.

But since I have the benefit of taking things home to try, I figured why not? So I started taking a couple droppers of Gymnema tincture a couple times a day.

And wouldn't you know it, about 3 weeks later, I realized I had forgotten to buy ice cream for a couple days.

So I went out and got some. And...




Its not that I couldn't taste the sugar. Its that enough time went by without it that all I could taste was sugar. It was practically crunching between my teeth. It was gross. The magic was gone.

Gymnema had kicked both Ben AND Jerry's ass. Sorry boys.

So if you are one of those people that binges on sugary sweet stuff and you don't want to....but in a few minutes you probably will anyway...I highly recommend Gymnema.

Attention Diabetics! Gymnema can alter your body's insulin requirements. Make sure you consult your physician before attempting to use Gymnema, or any herb or supplement, in conjunction with your current treatments.

Try it first as a way to see what your favorite dessert REALLY tastes like without all the sugar hiding the chemicals, additives, grease, trans fats, toxic emulsifiers and other gross stuff. That may just be enough for you.

But plan on more of a long term experiment. Try taking a dropper a day, a couple times a day for a few weeks. Hold it in your mouth for about a minute, then just go about your business.

Don't even try yet to change your eating habits. I have a feeling that will happen on its own.

Then come back and tell us how it worked out for you.

You can get it at Chakra 4 or you can just order online.

In fact.....its better just to save yourself the trip and order online now. Especially if you live in Mississippi or somewhere else that's far. And especially if there is a bakery on the way to Chakra 4.

All dosage instructions for each method of preparation are listed on the following pages.

And.....our Gynema comes to us all the way from India. That's where it grows naturally and sustainably.

Click this link to be taken to the order page for the Gymnema extract tincture.

Click here to get capsules if you don’t want to taste it or need to avoid alcohol.

And click here for Gymnema leaves if you want to make your own tincture or drink gymnema as a tea.


  1. Hey! I just ordered and received my first 4 fluid ounce bottle of Gymnema Sylvestre and have just put the first dropper full into my mouth, held it for a minute, and swallowed. I am going to go on about my day and just see what happens. I have come to the conclusion that I crave sugar and if I start my day off with anything that has “too much” sugar in it, the whole day just blows with sugar. So, I am excited to learn of this new tincture and am always looking for homeopathic ways to treat “issues”. Thank you for sharing your above comments. Hear’s to never “wanting” sugar again.


    • Pamela, that is awesome! Keep in touch and let us know how it works for you. Remember, even if you do still get cravings, keep taking the Gymnema. If you run into trouble, feel free to post here or e-mail me directly at Nick at Chakra4Herbs dot com. Also, post here about your success! -Nick

  2. Thank you for sharing about your sugar cravings. I am convinced that Sugar is far more addictive than crack or alcohol, my addiction to sugar has taken me to a place of despair it’s like not having any control. I rat it all-Chocolate, Hagen Daz, cake and cookies and anything else I can get my hands on day and night. Today I brought the powder and I am praying that it works because I am exhausted from this sugar battle. My question is how much powder should I take and also how should I take it?
    Thanks Isis

  3. I have recently bought gymnema in a capsule form. The directions say one a day. Does anyone know anything about the capsule form?

  4. I feel your pain brother! I love ice cream so much that on many occasions I just skip dinner and go straight to the ice cream.

  5. I tried Gymnema for the first time after a rice-crispy-treat binge. I put a dropperful on my tongue, rinsed my mouth with water (don’t like the taste) and then took a bite of a rice crispy treat. I could not taste the sweet at all; it was just like a mouthful of saw dust. I spit it out. Then I threw away the rct! I tried an almond after that, remembering that they taste sweet to me…could not taste the sweet. I’m hopeful that this herb will help me with my sugar issues.



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